As a replacement model, the new Magotans design has many changes, the new car front part detail and overseas new Passat (B8) is similar to the shape of the grille is more aggressive compared to the current model, both sides of the headlight shape is also more complex, bright headlight trim connected to the top of the grille, headlights and grille enable more holistic. Part of the front bumper, the new Magotan box uses a trapezoidal shape fog lamps, chrome fog light box between two chrome trim strip down, with chrome trim at the bottom with them to have a stronger sense of the shape of the bumper level Turbocharger. In addition, the new car also features a new style of multi-spoke wheels, modeling is very dynamic. At the end, due to restrictions spy angle, we still can not see the whole shape of the tail car. However, we can see that the new car will use the new taillight design, new interior lamps with a large number of horizontal lines, and the suspected use of brake lights C-shaped. In addition, the new car exhaust design turbocharger uk also will change, but the specific style to be further spy photos of exposure. It is learned that the new Magotan interior design basic and overseas new Passat (B8) is similar to the new cars center console will use a new design, a new instrument panel, flat, and so the air conditioning vent with a strong degree of recognition. In the power section, it is expected to FAW - Volkswagen Magotan will provide a variety of new gasoline engines, including 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI engine turbocharger manufacturers, transmission DSG gearbox the match.